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Native Youth Community Project

About NYCP

The NYCP is focused on serving the Indigenous youth in partnership with Albemarle County Public Schools to address the college and career readiness needs of 250 high school Native students as the defined local geographic area.

Objectives & Goals

If you're interested in benefitting from the Native Youth Community Project, please complete our eligibility survey below. Then, one of our staff members will contact you personally if you're eligible. 

Student outcomes:

•College acceptance and funding

•Preparation to thrive in college upon HS graduation

•National Career Readiness Certification (NCRC)

•Preparation to enter the workforce upon HS graduation

While supporting college and career readiness, NYCP aims to establish  sustainable community collaboration that:

•Embraces Native language, culture, and history

•Cultivates genuine tribal control

•Engages tribal communities

•Inspires a new generation of effective Native teachers




Not sure what career best suits you? Curious about how to find out? This video explains how you can use ACT's Job Profiles and Work Ready Communities databases to optimize your career choices and ACT's WorkKeys Curriculum to earn a National Career Readiness Certificate.

Submit your question to NCYP Project Director, Dr. Drew Allmond

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