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Career Technical Education (CTE)

The Virginia Tribal Education Consortium was awarded a 5-year grant through the Native American Career and Technical Education Program in 2021!

The purpose of VTEC’s Career and Technical Education Program is to increase the number of Native individuals who obtain a postsecondary degree or credential. Whether you are working towards a high school diploma, a bachelor’s degree, certification/licensure in a STEM/CTE field, or completing continuing education credits, the CTE Program has resources to support you! The program assists participants from 6th grade through working adults looking to further their education or change their career objectives by covering specific costs for eligible individuals and providing comprehensive career and academic guidance.


Student Testimonials

Sydney Richard, Master of Science in Physician Assistant

Citizen of the Chickahominy Indian Tribe


"VTEC was transformative in helping me achieve my academic and career goals. Beyond the financial support, VTEC provided me with a sense of validation for my dedication to the PA career. With the support, I was able to focus more on my coursework and clinical experiences without the burden of worrying about tuition costs. And for that, I am thankful."


John Silver, Jr., Life Coach

Citizen of the Nansemond Indian Nation


"I struggled to find my true calling and sought guidance from the Life Purpose Institute. Their assessment revealed my natural talent for helping others grow and recommended I enroll in their Life Coaching Certification program. There, I learned mentoring methodologies, goal-setting tools, and emotional intelligence development. I also participated in VTEC's human resources track with an emphasis on executive coaching. The real-world exposure solidified my coaching abilities and helped me establish my professional coaching consultancy, empowering people to reach their highest potential."

If you are interested in learning more about VTEC’s CTE Program, please click below to reach out to our Project Director, Mr. Kerry Canaday.


  • What is Career and Technical Education (CTE)?
    Career and Technical Education refers to vocational education that provides students of any age with academic and technical knowledge, skills and abilities related to a specific trade or profession. After a student completes a CTE program, they are eligible to complete an examination that tests technical skills related to the program. Upon passing the exam, students receive a certificate, license, or other credential.
  • How does VTEC support Native Students in CTE Programs?
    Our Academic Coordinators have established relationships with Virginia colleges, universities and other educational agencies which allow them to provide insightful guidance to aid students in creating an education and/or career plan, locating financial aid (ex. Scholarships) and programs in their field of interest, and can connect students to faculty at their chosen schools. Additionally, we have funding available for stipends and direct assistance to aid qualifying students in completing CTE programs.
  • What can the CTE Program offer?
    The Career and Technical Education Program is offering financial and direct assistance to eligible students from grades K-12, attending college/university, and working-adults interested in changing careers or continuing their education. Direct assistance consists of (but not limited to): transportation costs, tuition, books, laptops, work-based learning opportunities, and internship stipends.
  • What does VTEC do?
    The mission of VTEC is to partner with the Virginia Department of Education, Local Education Agencies, Virginia Indian nations, and native individuals to provide opportunities for native youth to receive education and training. VTEC is committed to (1) advancing Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to prepare American Indian students to meet academic and technical standards for in-demand occupations and (2) promoting the continuity of our Native culture.
  • What is the Virginia Tribal Education Consortium (VTEC)?
    VTEC is currently the only Tribal Education Agency (TEA) represented by and for the seven federally recognized tribes in Virginia.
  • Who is eligible to take advantage of VTEC resources?
    Any student in Virginia enrolled in a state or federally recognized tribal nation in 6th grade or beyond is eligible to participate in VTEC’s CTE Program. There is no age limit to our program, and we highly encourage adults pursuing further education to reach out to learn more.

Critter Code Camps

The CTE team has partnered with CodeVA to offer fun and safe coding activity camps for students from early elementary to middle school, bringing a touch of STEM to our Tribal Youth's lives. Our friendly representatives host Critter Code camps at local recognized Tribal community centers multiple times a year, open to all federal and state-recognized Tribal Citizens. This 2-3 hour event provides an enjoyable hands-on experience where young students can craft their favorite critter using basic sewing skills and then upload their design into a child-friendly coding program called Scratch.

For more information about these exciting events, please visit our Events page and Calendar!

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